terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2008

Latest Video Efforts

Here are the latest videos we have done that have been shown on our local TV station. We have one more "in the can" that will be shown at an as yet undisclosed date.

Buga Buga: Rock and Hole

This video introduces a new cast of characters, the Buga Buga tribe. Their language consists of the words "buga buga", and they illustrate biblical principles through their capers. If you have any doubt as to what they are illustrating in this video, check out the reference at the end.


This one is just a little comedy bit that aired before the Buga Buga clip. It is based on one of my favorite Smothers Brothers routines. Below is a translation:

Junior: Hey Max.
Max: Hey Junior
Junior: Is it my imagination, or do I smell chocolate.
Max: It's not your imagination, it is really chocolate. I fell into a bucket of chocolate this morning.
Junior: You fell into a bucket of chocolate?
Max: Yes, an enormous bucket, full of chocolate. It was terrible.
Junior: I can imagine. And what did you do?
Max: I yelled "FIRE!"
Junior: Hang on...you fell into a bucket of chocolate and yelled "fire"?
Max: That's right.
Junior: And why did you do that?
Max: Because nobody would have helped me if I had yelled "CHOCOLATE"!
(rim shot)

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